Christine Dougherty          Grand Master Healer Danadoost











 "Everything physical is energy. Energy is physical. Thoughts are physical, Emotions are physical. The mind is physical.  Thus, there are physical things we can do about them.”

When we become at One with the One, independently or through a Healer, Healing may occur instantaneously. "It is not necessary to believe in faith healing for Healing to manifest".

The photos exhibit the healing that took place with Christine Dougherty.  The photos reveal that Christine Dougherty was able to become One with the One through Grand Master Healer Danadoost who provided an environment of healing in resonance with the One.  The Grand Master Healer and Christine’s auras became almost 99% identical.  Christine held on to the gift until she was healed. Christine is alive, well, and thriving today after being healed in 2003.


"Every aspect of healing work is in resonance with the One."  Master Danadoost