Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Master Danadoost


Make an Appointment
by contacting Mary Grace - 415.892.1479  email: mgrace AT

Scheduling a Session

To Schedule an Appointment, please call our appointment number and speak with Mary Grace.  Mary Grace, a Shafaw Healer also, works with Master Danadoost, and assists him where she can. If she does not answer, she is on the phone or in session.  Kindly leave a message and know that she will get back with you as soon as she can.  Please be sure to leave your name and phone number clearly and something about the condition you would like to be seen for. The days and times you could be available would also be helpful.

Be On Time for your Session.

Whether in Person (Hands-On) or Distant, being on time is crucial.  If you are more than 5 minutes late, your session time may be shorter (Session Contribution remains the same). Please remember that someone is scheduled immediately after you.

Allow for Master Danadoost’s varied Schedule 

There are times when Master Danadoost may be late for you. 
In this case, your patience is greatly appreciated and you will receive your full session time.

Give 48 Hour Notice for Cancellation

48 Hours is required to change or cancel. If you find you cannot come within this time period,
your session will be automatically changed and you will be held in our sacred healing space.

Plan Ahead - Delays in Obtaining Appointments Happen

Please understand that we may be backlogged as our schedule can be very full and it may take a few days for us to get back to you. 
If there are no current openings, it may take longer for an actual appointment.  Please know that we appreciate your patience. When requesting an appointment, please leave as much lead time as possible and give as much information as you can to aid us in prioritizing your appointment.