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What is Good Medicine?
By Grand Master Healer, Behrooz Danadoost

"In 1989, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I went through a very aggressive chemotherapy at UCSF with the new, at that time, dreaded V16 that just about killed everyone who received it. The process was extremely unreal and torturous but at the timeI did not seem to have any other choice.
Out of desperation, thedoctors- thinking Iwas going to die, and since there was no matching donor,
gave my own sickly bone marrow to me (autologos transplant).

The ordeal continued to escalate with grand mal seizures that caused five of the T-bones in my spineto fracture and L3 and L4 in the
lumbar regionto crush more that 75%! Not to mention the broken ribs, foot, stomach, intestinal ulcers and hepatitis B that were also happening.
Whew, what a ride!

Through a series of unbelievable events I came to know a Grand Master Healer in Iran, Ostad Parvarandeh, who healed me of hepatitis B.
He also removed numerous side effects of the chemicals with his extraordinary loving touch. No pain and lots of gain, it truly was a sacred experience.
Now, that's what I call Good Medicine, ...don't you?.

Good medicine for me was multidimensional healing. I had no emotional or physical pain, received no drugs, experienced no side effects.
There was created an environment of healing that addressed all aspects of my life.
Shortly thereafter, Ostad Parvarandeh agreed to become my mentor and my joyous and blissful journey as a sacred healer began.
Today I provide the practice of Good Medicine/sacred healing that began my own healing process.
Since that time, I have had the opportunity and blessing to have served asa catalyst in providing an environment of healing for those in need.
I have had the privilege to witness amazing transformations of body, mind and spirit popularly known as Miracles.

As a result of my own transformation and training with Master Paravendeh, I have developed definite views about "GoodMedicine"; and the crucial aspects which comprise the practice of good medicine. In order to have an understanding of Good Medicine/Sacred Healing, it is necessary to define the difference between healing and curing.

HEALING means to make whole; to restore to original purity, or integrity. Its wholeness eliminates the cause(s).
The issue(s) goes away and never returns.
If the healing happens instantaneously, I call it a miracle. The only difference between amiracle and a healing is timing.
CURING means to provide symptomatic recovery or relief from disease. The cause has not been addressed and it will generate symptoms.
As a Sacred Healing practitioner, I know Good Medicine is meticulous, and thorough.
A Sacred healer must be compassionate and full of integrity to build sacred trust.
One must be able to tap into ones intuitiveness, listen, observe and use clairvoyance, clairaudience and most importantly clairsentient abilities in relationship to the current situation.

The Cause(s) of an illness may be based on a combination of nutritional, hereditary, environmental, emotional or spiritual.
Getting to the root cause(s) may take some time depending on the energetic layers to go through.
It is natural for most people to want immediate relief of their health problems.
Too frequently, people focus on making the problem "go away"; using surgery or drugs.
Hence, we have the term remission.

. This curing provides "quick fix"; relief from the discomfort or pain and can generate a space to heal;
yet unfortunately, most people do not continue the work necessary to heal the underlying issue(s).

Sacred Healing

Sacred Healing is good medicine. It is the essence of all of the healing modalities. I have observed that there are absolutely no limitations or restrictions
on the types of conditions that sacred healing can heal. It can heal seemingly incurable diseases from diabetes, asthma, arthritis, migraine headaches to cancer when conventional medical or alternative procedures fail. I have seen a great number of people recovered who have been labeled as terminal and who had no other options but Sacred healing. There are hundreds of sophisticated scientific studies conducted by renowned institutions and physicians leading to the realization that all healing ultimately comes from a Divine Source and therefore we all have the power to heal ourselves.

With sacred healing you can experience vertebrae being adjusted without chiropractic techniques and cancerous tumors being removed or shrinking without the use of chemotherapy or radiation. I have found that Sacred Healing enhances all healing modalities, allopathic included.
That is probably why the reason that more than eighty percent of people coming to HRC are practitioners of different modalities, physicians included.
At its heart, energy medicine is"Spiritual Healing."In resonance and harmony withthe Source,
Sacred Healing is the only medicine that can be dispensed from a distance with the patient (individual or pet) being conscious or in a coma.

Sacred Healing Practitioners

From my work with my mentor, I have learned that Sacred energy medicine is both art and technique. The skill level of the practitioner is critical to the delivery and efficacy of the healing. There are, in truth, as many skill levels as there are Sacred healer practitioners. However, key factors in determining a practitioner's skill level are his or her level of enthusiasm, faith and knowledge. To provide healing to patients a Sacred healer must be skillful in creating the appropriate healing energy and be capable of delivering that energy to the patient. I believe that an integral part of creating an appropriate healing energy is simplifying the complexities of life. The simplification is done through the knowledge of the anatomy of emotions and thoughts.
A skillful practitioner can utilize this knowledge to heal any dis-ease of the mind and the body.

Direct vs. Distance Healing

Sacred Healing allows practitioners the freedom to deliver the healing directly or from a distance.
Healers use an assortment of methods to deliver direct healing including:
Hands on: The patient is usually laying down relaxing.
The practitioner touches the patient and depending on the level of relaxation, it is not uncommon for individuals to fall asleep.

Aura surgery: The removal of unwanted energies from the aura and the introduction of healing energies.
Chakra balancing: Rejuvenating and aligning the major chakras and ensuring that the chakras are spinning appropriately.
Breathing methods: Changing how one breathes changes's life.
Learning and practicing the different ways of breathing can be an important part of healing.
Guided visualizations: By helping the mind and body to visualize healing, the practitioner utilizes the principle that the mind
cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what happens physically.
Organ transplant: The transformation of the field of intelligence running an organ to it's hologram.
The hologram will materialize to a new augmented, updated organ with no memory of the past conditioning.

A Grand Master Healer may also:
Manifest Auxiliary chakras: The creation of additional energy vortices within and around the body which maximize healing and vitality.
Transfer of bone marrow energetically.
Transfer of smell, taste, sounds, heat and cold.
Duplication and transfer of the chemical equivalent of any drug to patients without side effects.
Capable of Eshraq, the ability to transfer of knowledge through energy channeling. The energy transfer can be permanent or temporary.
The practitioner may also retrieve the sent energy.

These feats of healing can be done hands-on or through distant healing.
Distant healing, regardless of the distance, permeates through everything and can also be delivered through multiple means:

Non-specific: The most potent of all healing sessions,in my opinion
.The patient, if conscious, does know that healing is going to be performed, but does not know when.
The client may be relaxing or sleeping or may be engaged in different physical/emotional activities.

Specific: A specific session time has been agreed upon. The individual may be relaxing or sleeping.

Phone: Asession with the individual or a friend/family member on the call. Guided visualizations may be used.
Sacred healing space: The afflicted individuals are kept in a sacred space throughout the agreed upon time.
In some cases, family and friends have requested distant healing and the healer may not even know the name, age, gender or the place the patient resides and still successfully heal. Based on experience, providing a Sacred energy practitioner with a photo and the name of the person who is ill can be helpful because the picture and name carry specific energy signatures that are useful in the healing process. With a skilled practitioner, how one receives the healing energy does not impact the results. The success depends on the quality and the potency of the force projected by the healer.

Healing Process

When healing a patient, a healer receives and transfers energy as well as generates energy within the afflicted areas. Depending on the patient's needs and condition, the practitioner determines which approach or combination of approaches will be most effective. A skilled healer can also utilize the patient's own body's intelligence in combination with his or her own energy to achieve results.

For situations where the healer is receiving and transferring energy, the energy transfer may be a
"Simple transfer", "an"Anabolic transfer", a "Catabolic transfer," or a combination.

Simple Transfer: The healer receives a form of energy and then passes what has been received unchanged to another physical entity such as a human being, a pet, or a plant. The healer acts as a conduit.
Anabolic transfer: The healer receives a form of energy and then does a form of energy metabolism from which simple energies are
synthesized into the complex materials of living tissues. I use anabolic transfer to generate bone, cartilage, and heart or brain cells.
Catabolic transfer: A complex form of energy is broken down into a simple energy release which is particularly effective for the shrinkage and
dissolving of malignant tumors.
A combination of the above techniques may be used for diseases like Lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis.

What to Look for in a Practitioner

The degree of success is dependent on the skill level of the healer, I believe it is critical when considering a healer
to assess their level of faith and enthusiasm; their knowledge, skill level and their results.


Faith, practically speaking, is the ability to trust one's inner knowing. To heal an individual, the practitioner must have faith in his or her abilities.
Much of the skill of working with emotions and thoughts requires that a practitioner believe in things he or she does not see.
When a practitioner reaches the level of mastery, he or she can know what is unknown to the rest. The healer becomes clairsentient.
He or she "just knows" what the issue is and what to do to heal it.

On the contrary a diseased person does not need to have faith to heal.
Faith follows the healing. However, having faith can expedite the healing process.


In addition to faith, I believe that the practitioner must have enthusiasm. No matter how bad the prognosis for the disease,
a healer must have the utmost faith in his/her ability to heal you. Many times, I have found that a person with a disease is getting some
conscious or unconscious benefit from their illness. People, who are ill, tend to receive more attention, love and nurturing than when healthy.
While it may seem paradoxical, many times the energy medicine practitioner must heal the patient's desire not wanting to heal in addition
to healing the disease. Enthusiasm is contagious and can help the patient overcome the rough times of fear and doubt.


From my experience, to be successful, a Sacred energy medicine practitioner requires knowledge and skill. A successful practitioner knows the anatomy ofemotions and thoughts. Emotions give birth and prepare an environment for one's thoughts and vice versa.

With the body resonating to the frequencies of emerging thought-energy, your well being can be impacted with negative thoughts.
There have been a number of articles and books published in the last several years describing the impact of negative thoughts on one's health and life.
In our society, a healer must recognize the anatomy of emotions such as fear, anger and depression.
With depression the practitioner must also recognize the parallel between depression and grief over the loss of a loved one.


Based on the skill level of a healer and your illness, you can experience what many would consider magic.
Below are some of what you may experience in a healing session.
Creation of auxiliary chakras (beside the standard existing minor or major chakras).
This is an extraordinary feat not performed or talked about by any miracle worker through the history of healing that I know of.
Transfer of bone marrow energetically.
Transfer of smell, taste, sounds, heat and cold.
Duplication and transfer of the chemical equivalent of any drug to patients without side effects.
Capable of Eshraq, the ability to transfer of knowledge through energy channeling.
The energy transfer can be permanent or temporary. The practitioner may also retrieve the sent energy.
These feats of healing can be done hands-on or through distant healing.
Shrinkage and disappearance of cancerous tumors.
Creation of bone building cells (Osteoblasts).
Removal of extra bone (Osteoclasts).
Energizing and de-energizing the body, emotion and thought.
Change aura quality/aura surgery.
Transfer of knowledge through energy channeling (Eshraq.)
The energy transfer can be permanent or temporary. The practitioner may also retrieve the sent energy.
Diagnosis of cause of death - either from a distance or of someone who died eons ago.
Healing emotional disease (A person determined to commit suicide.
In a few seconds, the determination is gone. The person can talk about it, but cannot do it.)
Working with a master healer can change your life. Not only you are healed, your perception of reality is permanently changed.


A sacred Healer must be able to demonstrate results.
The results can be referrals from people you trust who have worked with the healer as well as testimonials written by current and former patients.
We are more than happy to share some of the testimonials we have received.


Seeing a Sacred energy practitioner on a regular basis while taking care of yourself is Good Medicine and can dramatically
reduce your chances of illness. Energy imbalances can be detected early and addressed before the imbalance becomes a disease.
While it may be obvious, I would like to remind you that good medicine does not mean you will not die.
Good medicine offers the possibility of making your journey on earth as easy and healthy as possible.
Over the years, HRC has received hundreds of testimonials. To see some of the testimonials, please visit our Testimonials Page.
To learn more about Sacred Healing contact Mary Grace at Healing Renaissance Clinic: 415-892-1479.