Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Master Danadoost

Healing Renaissance Clinic


Fundamentals of Sacred Healing

It is within the Healing Renaissance Clinic and the Session themselves, that Master Danadoost encapsulates the Sacred Space where he heals and teaches this Sacred Art. Master Danadoost also teaches through CDs, writings, and seminars.

In May 2007 the Healing Renaissance Clinic began the first phase of its Healing Training Masters Program. This phase is entitled "The Fundamentals of Sacred Healing" and will be completed in 12 session. On January 21st "Axioms of a Hip Monk" was addressed and on February 25, 2007 "The Qualities of a Healer" was discussed.

If you are interested in this or similar programs, please call Mary Grace at 415-892-1479. We have ongoing classes available through distance and in person at our Healing Sanctuary in Novato, CA.