Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Master Danadoost

shafawMaster Healer Danadoost

Grand Master Healer Danadoost


By Mary Grace...

Master Danadoost, as Grand Master Healer in the Art of Sacred Healing, vibrates in resonance with the frequencies
of perfection and in tune with the order of the Universe conveying units of perfection by reconnection to Source.

Grand Master Danadoost lives in the realm of all possibility. 
His ability to access the field of all possibility is renown.
He utilizes a system of energetic interaction as he channels healing frequencies to you. 
The Master brings you into the field and from there teaches and assists by granting to you the experience of being in the field.

As a healer, Master Danadoost is profound. Along with Grand Master Danadoost’s access and utilization of this realm,
he has a deep awareness of the physical body and what is required for you to heal. 
He’s versed in the workings of energy, astute in mind, body and soul; and attuned to what is. 

 He works with the state of no judgment and no expectation which makes him especially capable at healing. 
He is magnificently aware and magnetically available. 

Grand Master Danadoost’s healing presence of 100% attention units, combined with artistic expression, compassion,
love, connection to Source
 and disciplined form give his healings an incredible potency providing a perfect healing environment.  

Grand Master Danadoost calls what happens next, Shafaw, an Iranian word meaning instantaneous healing.

Teaching, healing, resonating in and with the units of perfection fresh from Source renders him particularly capable
of imparting transformative possibilities.  Awareness, discipline and competence is crucial in his healing. 
He is undaunted by the size of the healing required and enjoys challenge.  

He lives, breathes
 and moves within the field of all possibility. His profound sensitivity, gentleness and
honoring of All-That-Is,  held respectfully within the Sacred, 
 is the space needed to attune to and withthe Order of the Universe and It’s law.  

Grand Master Danadoost’s  immense reservoir of love and compassion, his healing expertise, his expression and
artful application of connection with Divinity, culminate in attunement of everyone involved to Source.