Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Master Danadoost

Healing Renaissance Clinic

The Healing Renaissance Clinic offers Healing Training Programs.

This program is offered to people chosen from those who have come into the clinic for sessions or received distant sessions by Master Danadoost.

If you are interested in such training, please give us a call to Mary Grace at 415 892 1479 and make an appointment for a session.

Currently training is done in our Hands -On and Distant (phone) sessions.

Having a session does not guarantee acceptance to the course.
The Healing Training Program will include work regarding the perspective pertinent to a healer, the groundwork required for healing; and the framework necessary in order to heal.

Training sessions will involve practice. Homework will be given for practice between sessions with a chosen or designated partner not so familiar with you. At the end of the year, a person will be able to heal themselves, their loved ones; and, if you wish, clients.

If you’ve further question, kindly contact Mary Grace at 415 892 1479 and she will be most happy to assist you in your process regarding the training.