Healing Transmissions through presence and touch for those wanting direct -hands -on experience with the resonance of perfection flowing throughout the body.

Existing Healees Only Hands-On Format

Existing Healees Only Hands-On Sessions consist of a brief verbal check-in followed by Hands-On Energy healing done on a massage (healing) table in your usual clothing. Loose, comfortable clothing advisable.

Completed at Agreed Upon Time

Duration - Sessions run about 21-30 minutes

  Please contact the Sanctuary about the Healing Session Contribution (Donation)     

  Prepare for the Hands On Healing

Please refrain from:

- Wearing any fragrance.

- Smoking for at least three hours prior to your healing.

- Applying essential oils, lotions, perfume or cologne.

- Burning incense prior to your session.

- Eating garlic for 24 hours prior to your session.



What is requested of me?  (Hands-On, Distant, or Sustained)

1.  Copy of Two Photos  or  photos that we can keep- One recent  photo and One photo prior to or about the time you started to experience symptoms. 

2.  Copy of Medical Records A copy of medical records that sum up your condition(s).

3. Copy of CAT or PET Scan if you have one

4. Listing of your medications and supplements.  



The Healing Renaissance Clinic

785 Rowland Blvd

Novato, CA 94947


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