Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Master Danadoost

Healing Renaissance Clinic

Distant Specific Time Healing -- Master Danadoost considers Distant Healing to be the most effective form of healing.
The healer is freed to fully concentrate on the healing desired. This is one arena where healing energy can be applied
directly without the boundaries or restriction of space so that neither distance is the same as being there.

Distant Only - No Phone Contact Necessary
First time approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Subsequent time 21 to 30 minutes.

Requested Contribution - $225 First Session

Requested Contribution - $125 Subsequent Session(s)

Prepare to Receive a Distant Healing at a Specific Time .
Please refrain from:

-Wearing any fragrance.
- Smoking for at least three hours prior to your healing.
- Applying essential oils, lotions, perfume or cologne.
- Burning incense prior to your session.
- Eating garlic for 24 hours prior to your session.
-Eating During Your Session.

GrantYourself Sacred Space.

Turn off your phone lines, radio, and television.
Use the restroom ahead of time.
Have a drink of water and situate yourself comfortably in a quiet room.
Relax, lie down and take some deep breaths.
It is good to have a few minutes to yourself prior to any session
This will put you in a great space to receive the most from your healing.


What is requested of me? (Hands-On, Distant, or Sustained)

1. Copy of Two Photos or photos that we can keep- One recent photo and One photo prior to or about the time you started to experience symptoms.
2. Copy of Medical Records A copy of medical records that sum up your condition(s).
3. Copy of CAT or PET Scan if you have one
4. Listing of your medications and supplements.

After the Distant - Time Specific Healing
Please allow yourself 7 more minutes of rest time prior to resuming normal activities.
Know that the Healing may Continue for Awhile and your space may be altered somewhat.
Continue to Grant yourself Sacred Space.
This will assist you in transitioning to your new space.
Do enjoy your new space. Healing settles wonderfully with enjoyment.